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Monday, August 02, 2004

My Evening at the Movies

Well, I'm due for another blog entry. Unfortunately, I really don't feel like ranting about politics, and I'm fresh out of interesting on-line quizzes. Luckily, I went and saw a movie tonight, so that gives me another movie-review entry.

Harold and Kumar Go to the Village is a delightful suspense-comedy written and directed by M. Night Leiner (with additional writing credits going to John Herwitz and Heyden Schlossberg). In this movie, the stressed-out pushover Harold and his medically-skilled-but-dope-obsessed best friend Kumar quest for the American Dream… meaning, in this case, a bunch of greasy fast-food.

Unfortunately for their post-toke cravings, the closest White Castle happens to be located in a backwards forest town of simple, religious folk who seem to be stuck in the late nineteenth century. These simple townsfolk live in great fear of the mysterious and varied monsters that inhabit the woods surrounding the town. A truce exists between the simple townsfolk and these strange creatures – the townsfolk don’t enter the creatures’ woods, and the creatures do what they can to keep Neil Patrick Harris out of the village. Most consider it a fair trade.

Despite such obstacles, the two likeable underdogs decide to embark on their journey to White Castle. On their journey, the various red-cloaked monsters that inhabit the woods – such as the horrifying boil-covered man, the terrifying extreme freaks, or the digustifying diarrhea sisters – all attempt to foil Harold and Kumar’s efforts, but they persist nevertheless. At one point, they must even face the dreaded Neil Patrick Harris in the flesh. But they persist, and are eventually rewarded for their efforts. They also get high a lot.

There was something about some blind girl’s boyfriend getting sick, at one point, and there was also a strange dream sequence involving a mentally challenged fellow shooting some cgi white castle burgers, not to mention some cameo appearances of a dope-addled and breast-obsessed Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, but I have to admit I didn’t quite fully grasp the relevance of these scenes. No, I was more fascinated by the deep character development that I could see unfolding as Harold and Kumar each, in turn, face their greatest fears, learn some important truths about themselves, and emerge as better people because of it. In Amsterdam.

I certainly didn’t understand the reason for the thirty-minute intermission right in the middle of the film – I appreciated the time to use the bathroom and refresh my snacks, but really, I could have done that in ten. Fifteen, tops. Thirty minutes seemed a little bit excessive, in my mind.

Overall, it was a highly enjoyable movie, though admittedly with some disappointing points. The parts that involve Harold and Kumar, I’ll give four cute white rats – stupid funny, but funny nevertheless. The parts without Harold and Kumar, on the other hand, I’ll only give three – not bad, but nothing to write home about, and with some aspects that left me somewhat disappointed in M. Night Leiner’s writing and/or directing (particularly when compared with his previous movies, such as Dude, Where’s My Superhero?). So, I’ll cut the difference for an average of three and a half CWRs.

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